Monday, August 09, 2004

first blog

i'm sure that this is what everyone writes the first time they start their i will continue the trend and say...this is the first time i've done this blog thing...blah blah blah
anyways, i wanted to keep an online journal so this seems to be the best way to do that. and to keep others posted on what's going on with me. i have lived in boston now for 3 years almost to the day. i moved here aug 13 2001. has been a great 3 years and i am still loving new england. hard to believe for those of you in the south but this is home for me. i love the diversity and the rhythm of this city. although i am now working north of boston and i drive there so i am missing the experience of walking to work everyday. i am still working at emerson college with the christian organization on campus. i love the students there and we have a lot of exciting events planned for this fall. also i started dating a bostonian (actually he lives just outside boston) in january. things are going great with him. he's met my family but he is ready to meet some of my college friends. i am currently looking forward to a trip to canada i'm taking at the end of the month. i'm going with some friends to a cottage about 2 hours out of ottawa. we're going to go to toronto for a couple days and see the red sox play the blue jays. we'll be wearing rem-dawg shirts with hopes of getting on television. why is getting on television such a feat? well, that's all the the future updates i will have more detail about life, movies, etc. this was just a brief update on my life events. thanks for reading. (c:

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