Monday, August 11, 2008

veggies and more

well here is a sampling of our first fruits from our garden.  we have lots (and i mean lots) of zucchini.  we have been having it every weekend at the lake.  last week we picked the biggest zucchini i have ever seen (and i forgot to take a picture).  it was a little longer than a foot and about 3 inches in diameter.  all of the zucchini has been very good.  we have some baby yellow squash that hopefully will be ready for picking this weekend.  we also have a lot of little tomatoes growing that we'll hopefully get to pick (or they'll be ready when we return from texas).  no bell peppers yet.  so it has been a successful venture thus far.

...this post is "way old" but i decided to go ahead and post it.  see above for more info about our garden ventures.

Monday, August 04, 2008

two great videos

i need to post alot of other stuff, but here are some great videos to hold you over...

this is maybe the cutest thing ever.  she made a snorting sound every time the burp cloth would go over her face.  and then she would great.

so just about every weekend lately, we've had great morning weather for skiing and nothing but glassy water.  here is steve (first two blips) and me (last blip) skiing at pierpont meadow pond (aka the josti lake house).