Monday, November 26, 2007

so it has been awhile.  here are some updated (although these were taken on halloween) pics of my belly.  i will post more pics from thanksgiving as soon as i get those pics from my sister.

we just got back from a short trip to texas for the thanksgiving holiday.  we flew in wednesday and flew out saturday.  but we were able to see both sides of my family and were blessed to have a baby shower at each gathering.  steve and colin (katy's husband) had never been to my grandmother's house in arlington so it was fun to share the holiday with them there.  my dad's side of the family came to our house the following day and since we were all full of our share of turkey we had ham and brisket...and alot of other food.  it was great to see everyone and catch up.  steve and i also met lucy (katy and colin's dog) for the first time.  we considered stealing her and bringing back so felix would have a friend but we figured that having a puppy probably wouldn't be a good idea when madeleine arrives (C:...and katy and colin wouldn't let us.

so it's back to the grind for us...although my work day today consisted of meetings, me clearing my throat constantly, and ultimately losing it by the end of the day.  so my laryngitis and i will be staying home tomorrow.  and steve is busy taking care of me buying chicken noodle soup and saltines as well as making sure i drink lots of water and warm beverages like tea and cider.

we're looking forward to my parents and kara coming for the christmas holiday and spending new year's with them and our friends plus a few friends coming up from the south (my girlfriends from college - jamie and kristen).  and before we know it...we'll be posting pics of our little girl.  we've had a new addition to our family since the last time i posted as well..a new mac laptop.  that i love.  so expect quality videos and pics to be posted routinely.

we're also looking forward to having friends and family over for a baby shower this weekend that my girlfriends are hosting.  we had a shower here for karin and it was fun to have people over.  we love having people at our house.  it will also be nice not to have to load and unload a car.  our church is going up to vermont the next day to cut down christmas trees which i am totally looking forward to since i haven't done that in a long time.  i'm leading a retreat for emerson students the following weekend, steve's mom is hosting a shower at her house the weekend after that and then my parents and kara are here.  so we are busy through the rest of the season and loving it.

that's all for now.  i'll post more pics soon.


James said...

you are too cute! can't believe you're gonna be a mommy soon! - amy t

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