Monday, August 11, 2008

veggies and more

well here is a sampling of our first fruits from our garden.  we have lots (and i mean lots) of zucchini.  we have been having it every weekend at the lake.  last week we picked the biggest zucchini i have ever seen (and i forgot to take a picture).  it was a little longer than a foot and about 3 inches in diameter.  all of the zucchini has been very good.  we have some baby yellow squash that hopefully will be ready for picking this weekend.  we also have a lot of little tomatoes growing that we'll hopefully get to pick (or they'll be ready when we return from texas).  no bell peppers yet.  so it has been a successful venture thus far.

...this post is "way old" but i decided to go ahead and post it.  see above for more info about our garden ventures.

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kristi said...

mu zucchini plant bloomed & bloomed and never produced one thing. did you know you can fry and eat the blossoms? maybe next time i'll do many zuke plants do you have?