Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Easter pics and more

So for Easter our church usually has brunch (last year at our house with family here shortly after Maddie was born - this year at our house but not brunch). Everyone came over around 1 p and we played games, grilled burgers and dogs, had church in the living room while maddie took her nap (perfect!), and just plain had a good time.

We have been going to the lake just about every weekend to keep on top of the progress they are making. I am hoping to create a little clip showing everything from the tearing down of the old camp to the final touches to the new camp. In case you don't know the lake lingo - pond view is the little cottage that jack and carolyn are currently residing in (you will see a pic of it from the top floor of the new house) - the camp is the old house and i'm pretty sure the name will carry on to the new house. oh and in case you're confused about why the house is called pond view...it's because the lake is actually a pond (pierpont meadow pond to be exact). but you can ski on it (C: which by the way has already been done this year by my brave (moderately insane) husband and his crazy twin brother, john.

so enjoy the pics. i know you've been craving them (C: also some pics of maddie and her new "toy" at the lake. jack and carolyn are excellent resources for finding/ receiving second hand equipment for maddie. thanks to friends of the lake who continue to make generous donations to "maddie's collection". we are very thankful.

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kristi said...

those pictures are great! she is such a great combination of you & steve.

karin said...

Great pictures. Maddie is getting so tall! Love the new slide, too! AND, however you did it this time on Smilebox, I could see all of the pictures!!! Miss you more than you know.

Amyrosedouglas said...

Love the pictures Kelly! Maddie is a cutie! Man, the lake looks great. Wish I was there! It's 95 in Austin today.