Monday, June 01, 2009

first night away, wedding, and steps?

steve and i took a road trip with some friends this weekend to upstate ny for a friend's wedding.  aaron mercer (one of steve's hs friends) married kristin greeno so we loaded up the minivan for our trek to ny with carlos and his girlfriend, nathalie, and dave who had a whirlwind trip from dc to boston to ny and back.  maddie and felix stayed with grandma and grandpa at the lake and had a great time.  this was my first night away from maddie and while i enjoyed the break, it was great to see her smiling face when we walked in the door last night.

here are a few pics from our trip and a video of maddie's progression toward walking...oh and a few of us trying to incorporate maddie's texan roots into her attire.  enjoy!

carlos attempting to blow on some large dandelions

nathalie, carlos, steve and i at log jam (dave taking pic)

this place was sooooo good.

boat house at jimbo's club (standing where aaron and kristin got married)...what a view.

sans maddie...

the guys.

the bros.

father/ daughter - mother/son dance.  best pic i got of the bride and groom.
well i guess this is a better pic of the groom...fhs guys.

see ya!


Katy said...

Here are my comments in order of importance:
1. Someone needs to teach John how to do the Electric Slide... seriously :)
2. the second video, "Steps?" doesn't work for me - says the video is not available
3. you and steve look very nice at the wedding - all dressed up!
4. maddie looks cute in the cowboy hat :) she just needs some cowgirl boots now!! ;)

Mom said...

Maddie looks so cute in her cowboy hat. I agree with Katy, you and Steve look so nice all dressed up. Steve's blue tie really looks nice and of course, you looked so great. I think John is doing his own version and everyone needs to get in line with him!