Sunday, March 07, 2010

maddie's 2nd birthday

after a long day of flights and delays getting out of dallas, the whole family made it to boston to celebrate maddie's birthday (kara at 2 pm, katy and colin at 11:30 pm, and mom and dad at 4:30 am...yes that's right a.m.). we enjoyed a lazy friday except when working hard at making the awesome cake that was consumed on saturday at the party. we all went out to the josti lake house late afternoon for dinner and walking on the frozen pond. we had a great time and katy and colin started a few snow fights. saturday morning maddie and granddaddy made waffles for breakfast and we finished getting ready for the party (katy had stayed up all night finishing the cake decorations...she is amazing). the party was a blast and maddie thoroughly enjoyed her "mini-cake". she peeled the fondant off her cake like she peels her clementines and thought she was supposed to put it in the trash. she tried some and even shared some with mommy. but the cake was entirely hers...of course we didn't let her eat all of it. sunday was spent relaxing until we had to say our goodbyes and drive to the airport (never fun). all in all...a great time celebrating maddie's 2nd birthday.

here are the pics from maddie's 2nd birthday.


Amyrosedouglas said...

Wow! Our girls are 2! Can you believe it? Crazy!

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