Wednesday, May 26, 2010


so here's a snapshot of our life over the last 3 months...

we had a major set of rainstorms that made our backyard into a mini-pond where the ducks felt free to swim for a good portion of an afternoon.

i've been (or i should say my belly has been) growing like a weed as our little girl...sophia now 3 weeks ahead of her gestational age in size. looks like we're in for another big baby.

maddie is expanding her resume to include flower girl. she was in carlos (high school friend of steve's) and nathalie's wedding this past weekend in new hampshire. she's a pro.

the josti lakehouse is reaching completion with a few extra outside steps and walkway and some painting left on the to-d0 list. we are spending all of memorial day weekend there with the exception of monday when steve and i will drive down to newport, ri to see our friends mari and glenn get married.

the propes lakehouse is complete and as is true with every house...some landscaping still left to be done. we are leaving next friday to spend 10 days relaxing lakeside. needless to say, i'll be waited on hand and foot (right, steve?) since i'll be nearing 8 months pregnant.

maddie now has a swingset in our backyard. she loves it. we had some issues getting it completed as there were missing parts but it's done now and we're enjoying it.

we enjoyed a visit from the hernandez family and were lucky enough to spend easter with karin and little e. we are looking forward to having them back in new england!

i finally got the garden (veggies and flowers) planted - with maddie and steve's help (C:. steve has informed me that aside from a few things left on the patio to plant, we are not buying anything else to plant. our garden is gorgeous and we are looking forward to harvesting a wide variety of tomatoes, lettuce, onions, butternut squash, cucumbers, zucchini, summer squash and a small arrangement of herbs.

we're whittling our way through our to-do list before sophie arrives in mid-late july. and enjoying the calm before the storm of having two children. i got a little taste of what it will be like when maddie and i went to visit our friends mike and courtney who just had a little girl...leah grace. she is adorable and maddie was in love with her. she's ready to be a big sister.

until next's the link for the glob of recent pics.


Amyrosedouglas said...

I LOVE the baby's name!

The Josti's said...

thanks. madeleine can almost say it now...doesn't sound like foo-foo anymore.

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