Monday, June 28, 2010

memorial day, june, and broken legs

we had an awesome memorial day weekend this year the josti lakehouse. steve got a few good skis in, maddie enjoyed a few boat rides and we enjoyed relaxing on the patio. steve and i drove down to new hampshire with john and michelle for mari and glenn's wedding which was beautiful. it was at the glen manor house in portsmouth, ri which was right on the bay. due to the wildfires in canada there was a haze over the bay but it was still beautiful. it was great to see the ito family and see some of the old "sudbury" crew. here are some pics from the weekend...

there are a few pics of our friend leah grace clements in the album below...texas pics...maddie eating ice cream.

the following weekend we flew to texas to spend a little over a week at my parent's new lakehouse in streetman, tx on richland chambers lake. we arrived at 10 pm, drove to the lakehouse (got there about 11 pm), chatted with our extended fam that was there already, went to sleep, woke up and welcomed the rest of the extended family on my dad's side, did some swimming, had a fish fry and at about 2:30 p maddie broke her leg. we spent the majority of the afternoon/ evening in the emergency room in corsicana, tx. they put a splint on her leg, gave us some pain meds to help her and gave us a referral for children's hospital in dallas. we went to walmart and my mom bought maddie a red wagon which we used the remainder of the week to wheel her to and from the boat dock, up and down the driveway, up and down the street...basically wherever her little heart desired. we went on wednesday to children's where they casted her. we have since been re-casted twice (long leg cast for 10 days after we got back from texas, currently in short leg cast until july 6). she's walking now and when she gets this cast off, she'll be done. obviously not what we were expecting from our trip to texas but when you have a toddler, you roll with the punches. we had a great vacation and visit with my family. we were able to see some of my college friends who trekked to the boonies to see us (jamie and her fiance tony and his daughter carly - kristen, dalton and little blake - emily and abbott). it was great visiting with all of them. my mom's side of the family came the following weekend so we enjoyed spending time with them as well. and as you can/ will see from the pictures...there was no shortage of relaxing.

still waiting on sophia to arrive. at 35.5 weeks she was measuring at 8.1 pounds (give or take a pound). yes...that's a large baby. she'll gain about 1/2 pound a week which puts us right around what maddie weighed when she was born. let's hope she comes sooner...

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