Friday, August 31, 2007 promised

well i have been told it is time to post pics of my belly. i am four months now and i haven't really felt anything yet but i'm told it will happen soon. my parents are here this weekend and we are going to spend the rest of their time here at the lake. dad and steve went to the patriots game last night and we beat the giants in the final pre-season game. dad and i are going with stacey and her dad tonight to the red sox game. we are due for a win after the yankees series. mom and dad came with lots of gifts for the baby so steve and i are enjoying our gift time each day. they also brought family videos that my dad transferred to dvd's so we have hours of entertainment mixed with dizzying shots of merry go rounds and easter egg hunts...and lots of good hair styles and clothes.

so here's the update of pics and we'll add more when we go for our 18 week ultrasound when we find out whether we're having a boy or a girl! by the way, my pregnancy aversions include but are not limited to hamburgers, chicken (depending on what it's with), and lunch meat sandwiches.


Katy said...

Thanks, you made me cry... I wish we were there... and Kara too... Hopefully Thanksgiving comes fast. They were good pictures - thanks for sharing! Oh, and sorry for yelling at you in that easter video - so funny now though. And i'm glad we left the tie-died outfits in the 90's. Y'all have fun this weekend! Love you!

Anne said...

kelly you are a cute pregnant lady! good job, esteve! you weren't kidding about "a bump". i'm so sad that i'm not there to experience this with you. i do want to say that i want to see some videos when i'm in town. they are always a treat! love you.