Monday, August 13, 2007

heartbeat...only one

So just to confirm...there is only one little bean inside me. And we did hear the heartbeat last week. What an amazing experience! Every now and then we would hear a loud sound, which was my heartbeat, but you could hear the fast pace of the baby's heartbeat. We will have the next ultrasound at 18 weeks when we will hopefully find out the sex of the baby. And we're not private about these things, so you'll know the sex and probably the name we've chosen that day. I will post a pic of my growing belly soon. It has started poking out a little and I think my belly button will pop sooner than most (C: I also bought our first gift/ item for the baby the day we heard the heartbeat. It's this cute floppy elephant that is so soft and lays flat. I love it! Got it at Aunt Sadie's in the South of my fave stores.

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