Monday, October 01, 2007

the great outdoors

so we have been working on several projects the last few weekends and have managed to squeeze in a trip to berlin orchards to go apple picking with church. here are some pics of our filled in pool area and the grass that has started to grow, the area that we are leaving for a patio space (to be completed next year), the cleaned out area in the front where we plan to plant perennial bulbs, a large pile of dirt, and our new vegetable garden to be planted in spring 2008. we also took a trip with our church to go apple picking this weekend so here are a few pics from that....notice the tractor driver with an apple on his head...eventually he had two but we didn't get that pic.

landscaping fabric for under the patio be completed Summer 2008

a large pile of dirt in our driveway

our friend jeremy hard at work leveling out the dirt to fill in the crater that was once an above ground pool

steve in his colorful worker's outfit

felix blockaded on the porch...he didn't like this very much...he would much rather be digging in the dirt

our lovely sign that was donated by jack josti...we had to dig to find it...

filled in and waiting for grass seed

steve and his new toy

steve and his mom worked forever on these annoying bushes/ plants/ whatever they used included an ax (steve is using in this pic), a saw, a rake, a hoe, and a shovel. carolyn was so excited when they got both of them out.

just dug up some grass so we can plant some tulips and daffodils

grass seed beginning to grow after a week...there are some spotty areas

we will have a nice border of really green grass next to our not so green grass...

...and finally, the finished product of a lot of hard work and many aching muscles. we will be planting lots of veggies in this garden in Spring/ Summer 2008. we still need to put in a gate so felix won't start digging and i need to get a scarecrow in an attempt to keep other critters out.

here are our apple picking pics.
just pick 'em off the tree...cortland's are my favorite
that's alotta apples

tractor ride to and from orchard

mom, dad, ellen, allyson and i rode on the tractor with this guy last time...

well that's all. just enjoying a crisp fall new england day here. until next time...

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