Friday, September 21, 2007

it's a girl!

we found out yesterday at 2 pm that we will be having a girl in february. we are very excited to be adding a girl to the josti family as this is not a normal occurrence. her name will be madeleine leigh josti. of course there is always the possiblity that it might change, but it's not likely. so not only can we refer to the baby as she but we can now refer to her as madeleine. for those of you who like to know the origin of names, madeleine is the french form of magdalene, which is commonly used in the english-speaking world. magdalene is from a title which meant "of magdala". mary magdalene, a character in the new testament, was named thus because she was from magdala - a village on the sea of galilee whose name meant "tower" in hebrew. she was cleaned of evil spirits by Jesus and then remained with him during his ministry, witnessing the crucifixion and the resurrection. leigh derives from leah which means meadow. leigh is also a family name on kelly's side of the family. it is an amazing experience to choose a name for your child. here are some pics from yesterday's ultrasound and some additional pics of my growing belly. felix wanted to be in this picture. you can see the tip of his nose.

look at that spine. she was on her stomach at the beginning, then rolled over on her side for awhile, then laid on her back. perfect for getting good shots of her profile and seeing whether she was a girl or boy. good you can go back to being modest (C:

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Jason said...

Awesome name! Congrats you guys. Hope things continue to go smoothly for you.