Monday, December 10, 2007

baby shower and such

well i think i have recovered from my long list of ailments over the last few weeks.  steve and i came home from texas and i became sick shortly after.  i was home with laryngitis, then a cough and cold, then a sinus infection.  i finished my prescription of antibiotics today.  i still have a mild cough and some congestion but some of that is to be expected this time of year in new england.  right now my main goal is not to slip when i'm walking outside with all of the sleet and freezing rain we have had.  last weekend some girlfriends hosted a baby shower for us.  i was still sick so i was quarantined to the corner chair.  i felt antisocial but it was necessary for the purpose of my lasting the length of the shower, not getting anyone else sick, and not adding another symptom to my list.  we have received so much support and we are so grateful.  so included in these pictures you will see how much i've grown and some of the fun activities from the shower.  we played a fun game where you have to name the baby name for a list of animals...can you name the baby name for the following:   alligator, horse, elephant, rat, frog, giraffe, kangaroo?  we have another baby shower this weekend that steve's mom is hosting.  and before we know it my parents and kara will be here for the holidays.  two best friends from college, jamie and kristen, are coming for new year's and then we'll have a little more than a month before our little girl arrives.  blessings to everyone and happy holidays!

cute baby eric hernandez
hostesses (stacey, ellie, kc, dena, and karin)
ellie's mom made maddie a pink baby soft
so many cute baby girls clothes!
who can drink the water out of the baby bottle first?
baby eric and aunt susie
guess the baby name for each animal game

here's the latest belly pic
the girls got us our travel system stroller...we love it


kristi.bennett said...

you look amazing kelly! wish i could have been there...looks like you had lots of fun and got lots of stuff you needed.

Laura said...

Looks like you could fly to the moon in that stroller. Love everyone in those pictures!