Monday, January 07, 2008

a really long update

so it has been about a month since our last update.  i have put new pics on flickr for you to peruse at your leisure.  although my last update stated that i was over whatever illness i had, i apparently was not.  i was sick the majority of the holiday break and had to forego attending the holiday pops concert with my family because i did not want to disrupt the performance with my coughing.  i'm sure keith lockhart would approve.  we had a great time with my parents and kara and enjoyed having our additional visitors (jamie and kristen) as well.  all of that to say...there are alot of pictures including a kleenex box that i basically kept by my side the entirety of the break.  my dad enjoyed his first experience shoveling snow and was a tremendous help around the house with projects that he and steve completed.  my mom and kara assisted in my recovery by helping with cooking, cleaning and getting things organized in the nursery.  i even got a foot massage from kara.  i was feeling a little better once jamie and kristen arrived so we were able to get out of the house a little bit more but less than i had hoped.  we went to quincy market and the north end for canoli's.  kristen was able to stay for new year's (which i don't have any pics of) and the family left a few days after.  there are also a couple pics from the shower at the josti house. before my family came, we had a birthday party for ellen at our house and since ellen loves to decorate cookies, cupcakes, you name it...we decided it would be fun to have a cupcake decorating contest.  karin won the contest with her snow skiiers (used marshmallows and sprinkles..and a lot of icing)...very creative.  so enjoy the pics of felix frolicking in the snow, updated pics of my belly (here and there), holiday fun, etc.
we will update soon with pics of the nursery...hard to believe that the due date is just a few short weeks away!


kristi.bennett said...

so where is the link to your flickr account so i can see this gorgeous belly of yours?

sara said...

I need your address b/c I have the CUTEST thing(s) to send Miss Madeleine(I think I spelled her name right.) You need to receive this package before she comes so you can get even more excited. I hope I haven't overplayed it and you get disappointed. I'll put is this way, I like it:) I hope you reply soon:)