Tuesday, July 01, 2008

maddie and more

well in addition to a new haircut (which will be "upgraded" next week), there are updated pics of our garden and our new patio furniture.  enjoy the photo montage...seems like most of our blogs are pics.  i'll add some thoughts next week...

here's maddie in her cool shades before taking a swim in her baby pool
maddie in her bebepod
do you ever get the feeling that someone is staring at you?  i get that feeling all day.
ta da!  without the umbrella (more pics of patio in stacey's party pics)
the new do...will be shorter in the back after next week.

el garden

amazing flowers in the backyard
a deck shot
look at all that basil

okay so if that wasn't entertaining enough for you...here's a video of maddie in her bebepod.

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