Tuesday, July 22, 2008

On the move

Our little girl is growing and moving.  She has hit the rolling over milestone and sitting up unsupported is not far behind.  The days of laying her down in her crib and finding her exactly the way we laid her down when we come back are long gone and the days of keeping up with her as she moves around the house are still ahead. Here are some shots of our little girl...growing up.
These shots don't really capture it and I'm not sure what happened with the color in the pic below but she was sitting up in her chair without leaning back and only using her left arm for balance.
we love watching her sleep.  we especially love her hand positions when she's sleeping.

Here are some shots of her with Courtney after bath time at the lake.  She loves to take short dips into the lake with mom and dad.  She had a couple float sessions with mom this weekend.  It's like Mike said at our wedding reception, "May your children learn to waterski before they learn to walk..."

And finally...the video you've been waiting to see (C:

Here is Maddie rolling over.  She has been toying with us for some time now and Grandma Josti saw her roll over in her pack and play at the lake a couple weekends ago.  But she hasn't done it since...and then, low and behold, she rolled over at church on Sunday night.  And now she can't get enough of it...so enjoy.

i would also like to note for those of you who have been following our garden commentary that we enjoyed our first zucchini this weekend.  it was delicious and completely organic...who knew that i was capable of such things.  of course, we forgot to take a picture so you'll have to wait for the next "harvest" to see our produce and believe me, from the looks of it you'll see plenty.

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kristi said...

congrats on the baby milestones AND your first zucchini! my plant never produced anything and then just died. it had all these amazing flowers but no veggies. :(

i can't get over how much maddie looks exactly like you when she's smiling. she's so precious kelly!