Sunday, September 16, 2007


so it takes us awhile usually to upload pictures from our camera and since they are now uploaded, i figured i would post them to the blog. enjoy.

these are pics of my 28th birthday. the girls brought over lunch and gave me an amazing trip to pyara for an hour massage. i think this is my favorite way to celebrate my birthday...let's do it again next year!
allyson, kc and karin
me and ellie
stacey, amy and dena
lots o' food...yummmm
yummy cake with coconut and orangish raspberries on top...delicious
posed shot (C:
these are pics from opening day 2007 at fenway park. go red sox!
waiting in the clergy/ active military line at gate b...we get standing room tickets for 7 bucks.
me, nathan (pastor of church at the gate), stacey (ccpc team coordinator), dena and tj (pastor at trinity church of brighton), heather (student at emerson - my guest), and melissa (minister at tufts university - now at virginia tech...miss her)
the crew in our usual spot in the grandstand looking down on third base line. in case you haven't noticed, it was cold.this is on the wall behind where we stand. i love it.
that's all. hope you enjoyed our randomness.

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