Sunday, September 16, 2007

Trip to Maine

Steve and I were able to take a trip to Ogunquit, Maine last weekend and stay at the Smith's studio at Perkins Cove. Below are pics of both of us with Felix as he did not like being in his crate in unfamiliar territory so only Steve could walk the Marginal Way (a walking path that follows the coastline behind me around to Ogunquit Beach for about a 4-5 miles roundtrip). I have walked this many times and it was Steve's first so I sacrificed the walking ocean view for the sitting ocean view at Perkins Cove. It was so hard to sit there and enjoy this amazing view. We also took the Smith's canoe out for a little trip through the cove, under the bridge and out to the mouth of the cove where we decided that our little vessel was too wobbly for ocean waters. (C: As you can also see, Steve enjoyed the lobster we got at Maude Hutchins (new discovery from last year's trip with Jamie and Kristen) in York, Maine. Our recommendation next time is to get the lobster steamed there and get your corn, potato and slaw at the grocery. We had wimpy corn and a small baked potato to compliment our amazing lobster. We also went to the outlets at Kittery and I purchased my quota of maternity clothes. I also had Steve go into one of my favorite stores - Spoiled Rotten - (by himself) and grab some Stonewall Kitchen Maine Blueberry Jam...amazing. We had Dippin' Dots ice cream while enjoying an evening view of the ocean, walked around Perkins Cove shopping, and enjoyed mornings with tea, coffee and breakfast on the porch overlooking Perkins Cove. All in was, as always, an amazing trip to Ogunquit.

You can see the studio behind Steve (go up and left) in canoeing picture - grey with tree and large rock in front.

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