Saturday, April 26, 2008

black and white

we took a roll of black and whites only to realize later that the camera lens was dirty.  i don't know if the marks in the picture are from the dirty lens though or the film being old and/ or processed poorly.  but here are some of the pics anyways for your enjoyment.  we printed several of these and have them in nice black frames on our fireplace.  we also printed the one of steve and i kissing maddie on the cheek in black and white and have it hanging in our room.  love those christmas tree shop frames...

smiling at daddy
talking with mommy
this wasn't quite as cool as we thought it would be...but it's a good measure for how long she is (C:

..and some more pics
gardening hat from christmas tree shops made to look like a sombrero
emerson students got her a cake - future egnf-er - maddie was a lot more pleased with the group than she looks in this picture

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