Thursday, April 03, 2008

visiting and visitors

maddie loves it when her aunt stacey, aunt karin and cousin eric come to visit.  little eric gets so excited every time he sees her.  it's adorable.
easter was special for us this year because my parents, grandmother, aunt robyn, and cousin jessica were here to share the holiday.  here's maddie with her easter basket and bunny and another photo with her great grandmother.

emerson alum students lydia and melanie love to visit maddie.

this is from my birthday lunch celebration last weekend.
this is dr mccrary (delivered maddie) and heather (nurse at the office who has seen us through the pregnancy and postpartum...we missed her shift at labor and delivery though)

madeleine met her friend, audrey douglas (who was also delivered by dr mccrary), on sunday. she was a little upset with me for not feeding her before we left the house, thus her reason for screaming in these photos.
her friend, eric hernandez, came over this week and enjoyed his time in the laundry basket and sleeping.  there was some interaction between the two but we didn't get photos...maybe next time.

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Katy said...

cool - no pictures of katy and colin - we see how it is. :)