Friday, April 18, 2008

my texas family

well we have seen the last texas visitor off for awhile...i'm sure it won't last long.  and the next time maddie sees her texas family will be in texas.  we are going down in a few weeks for kara's graduation from the university of oklahoma.  so cross your fingers that maddie will take well to flying and driving.  so far she likes our little trips into boston so i think the driving part should be fine.  over the past few months maddie has spent some quality time with her gransy and granddaddy propes, aunt katy and uncle colin, aunt kara, great grandmother donald, aunt robyn and cousin jessica.  here are some pics from their visits.

my cousin, jessica, had the magic touch.
aunt robyn obviously could not get enough of our little girl (C:
maddie was just about done with picture time
nap time with granddaddy
aunt kara changes maddie's diaper...she's a pro
nap time with uncle colin...she had an aggie outfit on in another pic with colin's camo...priceless
i love my aunt katy...
sleepy girl
sporting the boston red sox blanket that aunt katy made
four generations (kitchens, donald, propes, josti)
...can't wait to meet my mimi and papa propes when i go to texas in may!

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