Friday, June 27, 2008

a little late...

well, i missed my goal of adding to the blog every monday.  but i made it within a week so that should count for something.

i was able to capture maddie in her normal sleep position.  one is of her in her room with felix keeping guard (yes, that's a cloth diaper).  another is in the office on her play mat.

and here she is hanging out and being her happy self in her rocker seat.

and our garden has grown since these pictures as well as survived (barely) an attack from the local rabbit(s) - not sure if one rabbit did all the work by himself.  luckily he only ate some leaves off the green bean plants.  we have a liquifence border but i need to reinforce the actual fence.

herbs galore
cucumber, squash and zucchini
marigolds, snap peas, green beans
tomatoes, marigolds, bell peppers

we hosted a birthday luau bash for stacey last weekend as she turned the big 3-0.  there will be more pics posted from this grand occasion later.  but for now, here's one of the birthday girl upon arrival.  we had a great time and were finally able to use our patio and new patio furniture (pics to come later).  the morning after steve and i enjoyed a french toast breakfast with maddie, kc, ellie and stac on our new patio.  great job to steve and his parents for their hard work on this project.

i'll hopefully have updated pics of the garden (after i weed it), patio and stacey's party on monday.  and as always...more pics of maddie.

we have also finally booked our trip to texas in august.  we are all flying down on aug 20 and steve will return aug 26.  maddie and i will be staying until sept 3.  looking forward to spending two weeks with my parents and taking care of dad.  felix will be residing at his "summer quarters" also known as "the camp" with grandma and grandpa josti.  he's really looking forward to it (C:


kristi said...

your garden looks GREAT! i still can't believe how organized it is...and maddie grows cuter every day!

Amyrosedouglas said...

Maddie is so cute. Wish we could have a play date!