Monday, June 16, 2008

weekly activities

steve has been taking the commuter rail into work.  so i'm making it a goal to try and meet him halfway on the walk home every evening with felix and maddie.  felix goes crazy as soon as he sees steve walking down the sidewalk.  here are pics from this week.  i was going to try and get a pic of felix going nuts but it's hard to hold a baby, hold a leash with a crazy dog, and take a picture.
maddie has also taken to a standard sleeping position.  these shots of her on the changing table are not great examples because she was so exhausted that she just passed out while we were changing her diaper.  her "real" sleep position is currently on her right side with her right two middle fingers in her mouth with her left hand holding her right arm in place and her left leg draped over her right leg.  hopefully she doesn't start to get a flat spot on the right side of her head.  she's been lucky not to have one on the back of her head even though she has a distinct bald spot from sleeping on her back.  she ended up sleeping in her diaper this night because we didn't want to wake her up to put clothes on.

during the day when i'm working maddie has one of five places that she might be.  on her floor mat (sleeping or playing), in her high chair while i'm eating lunch or cooking, in her rocker chair, in her crib taking a nap, or in her exersaucer.  here is a video of her in the exersaucer.

and as many of you know, steve and his parents have been working on our new patio.  we have done our best to take progressive pictures.  steve finished the border on one side and is almost done with laying the remaining stones.  here is the latest.  we cannot wait to use this...we'll have pics with our new patio furniture next week.  while steve has been working on the patio, i have been working on the vegetable garden.  steve's mom has provided her assistance in this project as well with weeding, purchasing the marigolds and sunflower seeds, and taking care of maddie while i plant.  just about everything is popping up now.  cannot wait to have veggies from the garden.

felix is sniffing the liquifence i just sprayed for deer and rabbits.  doesn't really do anything about dogs (C:
green beans sprouting in front, zucchini sprouting in back.

we usually cap off the week with a trip to the lake on saturday and sunday.  we sleep at "pond view" while felix enjoys sleeping with grandma and grandpa at "the camp".  for those of you who don't know, "the camp" is seeing its last days since it will be coming down in the fall.  steve's parents are building a new house that will accommodate for year round living and a growing family.  there are two geese families that frequent the yard in the early morning before felix disrupts their eating.  here are pics of the "not so small" babies and some pics of steve with maddie on father's day at "pond view."  then a few more of us at "the camp" celebrating father's day with steve's parents.  we had a lazy day of playing with maddie and playing pitch (card game that you must learn in the josti family).

felix likes to be the center of attention.
fun mirror pic

sleeping with the moose
she scoots herself off the mat.

big blue eyes
carolyn's tan legs, my white legs...and felix snuggling
a little family time...

happy first father's day, steve.

that's all for now.

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