Monday, June 02, 2008

new goal

okay so i've been told that i do not post nearly enough on this thing.  and it's true.  so my goal is to post a new blog each monday.  we also don't take nearly enough pictures anymore.  but i do have some new pictures from last week.  i posted a video but that's hardly enough.

so here's some news to get you up to speed...

we had a cookout for may birthdays at our house.  the weather cooperated and we all had a great time.  it was also a farewell to the douglas family (second fam from left in large group pic) as they moved to texas this past weekend.
ally and maddie watchin' the red of many games i'm sure (C:  maddie looks like she's commenting on something jerry remy had to say

and the list goes...cavin, brent, sharla, noah, troy, baby audrey, amy, eric, karin, baby eric (who's 1 year old now!!!), kelly, baby maddie, and steve

ellie and maddie

jeremy, laura, tj and chelsea

and here's a little photo shoot of maddie and her expressions...she has the best (C:

and here are some shots of maddie and her first "swim" memorial day weekend.  once she was "all the way" in she was fine.  not too crazy about just dipping her toes in though.  it will be awhile before we get her in the lake.  she's not ready for the cold frigid water just yet.

and previously mentioned, the douglas family left this weekend to move to austin, texas.  so maddie and i went with karin and eric to say farewell to amy and audrey at panera bread this week.  here are the kids in birth order (backwards).

and steve and mom and dad josti went to work on the patio this weekend and here is the latest...steve lays a few bricks each night.  and also the tree that is still on our patio but will soon be planted in the front yard.  but it now has lots of leaves!

so there you have it.  hopefully our next blog will have a video of maddie rolling over!  she's made it most of the way but keeps getting stuck on her arm rolling back to stomach.  hasn't done stomach to back yet.  soooooo close.

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kristi said...

what a GREAT post! yeah, you weren't posting nearly often enough for me. :)

you look fantastic! and i cannot get over how much maddie looks like you when she smiles. it's awesome. she is adorable.